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Pest invertebrates are a significant and consistent challenge to sustainable grain production in some parts of Australia, and a sporadic problem in others. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) represents the most sustainable option for managing pests in agricultural landscapes. Critical to the successful movement towards real IPM will be access to information, tools  and resources that allow grains industry advisers and growers to implement IPM approaches.

Here we have complied a list of links to useful IPM and pest management related information:

Insect Identification aids

IPM tips and tricks

Pests in canola

Resistance management

GRDC pestlinks brings together information on research, development and extension relating to IPM

GRDC research updates. Run peridocially across the country for both growers and advisers.

DAFF‘s information on Integrated Pest Management.

IPM technologies is a company of experienced entomologists specialising in IPM based in Victoria.


Below are some informative videos put together by GRDC on IPM:


Integrated Pest Management

“One important aspect of the overall push for improved farming practices is how we control pests. The Grains Research and Development Corporation’s Ground Cover TV reports on the latest approach to pest control while looking after the environment.” In this video, growers who have already adopted an IPM approach to pest management talk about the benefits they have seen, and why they believe IPM is a step in the right direction.


Over the fence: Alternative pest solutions show promise

“An integrated pest management (IPM) approach to farming in the Central Wheatbelt of Western Australia (WA) can provide considerable savings on pesticide inputs, while delivering similar yields to conventional farming approaches.”


Over the fence: IPM delivers ‘unexpected’ pest control benefits

“John Hamilton was a strong proponent using pesticides on crops until he began noticing growing herbicide resistance on the farm, and decided a new approach was needed.”

For more video from the GRDC, visit their YouTube channel here.


Other Useful Websites

National Variety Trials