Insect Identification Aids

On this page we aim to provide useful and relevant aids through videos and images, along with useful links, to help you in the identification of pest and beneficial insects.

CESAR Consultants has a really useful pest and beneficial insect photo gallery.

GRDC has released Insect ID: The Ute Guide as an App for smart phones. This app is a comprehensive reference guide for insect pests commonly affecting broadacre crops and growers across Australia, and includes the beneficial insects that may help to control them.

The GRDC also has printable ‘back pocket guides’ for crop pests including Weevils & Mites and for Beneficial Insects for NorthernSouthern & Western growing regions.

Below are a series of videos taken from the YouTube channel. In these video, Hugh Brier, Senior Entomologist with QLD’s DAFF, gives guidance on how to identify invertebrates in your crops – pest and beneficials.

Basic Insect Identification with Hugh Brier

This video provides basic information you need to get started in identifying insects in your crop.


Pod Sucking Insects with Hugh Brier

Hugh Brier presents the pod sucking insects and their predators including: green veggie bugs, brown bean bug, red banded shield bug, brown shield bug, assassin bug, trichopoda, and the glossy shield bug.This presentation by Hugh Brier (Senior Entomologist, QDPI) was part of a Soybean & Pulse IPM training course provided to growers by AOF, Pulse Australia and GRDC.


Useful links:

Rachel Waugh (UNE) has summarized the best way to go about recognizing beneficial insects in your crop (with links to the GRDC back-pocket guide).