Pests in Canola

weevil in canola

Mandalotus weevil in canola

‘Tiny weevils attacking canola’ by Malcolm Sutton. Printed in Stock Journal on February 16, 2012 (published online 18Feb,2012)

This article discusses research being undertaken by SARDI entomologist, Kym Perry, on the Mandalotus weevil.  These native insects were recognised as a serious pest in 2003 after destroying 500 hectares of emerging canola in Bow Hill in the Murraylands. These pests have affected Mallee country, the Mid North, the Yorke and Eyre peninsulas, with the Wimmera and Mallee regions of Victoria and New South Wales’ Riverina.  Mandalotus are pests on canola, lentils, cereals, lupins, medic pasture, peas and beans.

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        Adult weevil grass Adult weevil seedling Adult weevil base of cereal


canola vulnerable article

‘Canola vulnerable to destructive weevils’. Printed in Farming Ahead on August16, 2012

This article talks of the emerging canola pest and the research being undertaken by SARDI entomologist, Kym Perry, on the Mandalotus weevil.  “Mandalotus weevils have become an increasingly serious pest of young canola on lighter soil types, and early detection is critical in preventing and reducing damage…..”

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