NIPI aims to enhance research capacity for the support of grain producers. This is achieved through a more co-ordinated research effort for current pest issues and enhanced capacity for a rapid response to emerging threats.


Research activities

Dr Sarina Macfadyen (CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences) research focuses on the ecology of insect communities in grains cropping landscapes. Sarina’s research examines the interactions between species and how this relates to agroecosystem function, focusing on insect pests in grain cropping landscapes.

Special Issue of Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture
Invertebrate Pests of Grain Crops and Integrated Management: Current Practice and Prospects for the Future
vol 48, issue 12, 1481-1607, 2008


HDeGraaf NIPI displayHelen DeGraaf delivered a presentation titled “New research in snail management” including promotion of NIPI/PestFacts services, at the Yorke Peninsula Alkaline Soils Group Autumn updates, Minlaton SA, 13th March 2012. Attended by 40 growers/agronomists.

John Lester (CSIRO) checking pitfall traps and sticky traps used to capture pests and beneficials in a canola field

Past PhD student projects

Population genetics of the lucerne flea, Sminthurus viridis
John Roberts (CESAR/University of Melbourne)

Current and future distributions of some pest species of grain crops in Australia
Matt Hill (CESAR/University of Melbourne)


Research projects related to NIPI

Developing and promoting Integrated Pest Management in Australian Grains. Funded by GRDC. Project lead: Darryl Hardie (UWA). More Information

Pest Suppressive Landscapes project. More Information