Guidelines for better pest management in grains

A new website is available to help grain growers manage pests. Queensland DAFF (entomology) has led a team of national collaborators to develop an exciting new national ‘IPM guidelines for grains’ website. Some more information about why you should take a look can be found in this NIPI Note.


Insecticides: Worthwhile or Worthless?

In this NIPI Note we explore the findings of a report that examined the economics of using an IPM approach to pest management on a case study farm. The full report can be downloaded here:

Whole Farm Economic Assessment of IPM for a Case Study Farm at Winchelsea, Vic.


 When do insecticides increase crop yield?

In this NIPI Note we explore the findings of a study which looked at the response of pests, and crop plants to different levels of insecticide inputs across the Southern and Western regions.

The full scientific article can be viewed here