Pest Alert Services

Consultants, growers and researchers need to be informed about pest outbreaks, controls methods and  relevant research findings as they emerge during the growing season. Pest alert services are designed to provide timely information throughout the grain growing regions of Australia. They are free to subscribe to (usually sent via email), and welcome reports of pest issues from a range of industry personnel.

Click the relevant link to see the latest information in each region:

PestFacts, South-eastern Australia
Editors: Paul Umina & Stuart McColl

PestFacts, South Australia and Western Victoria
Ediotrs: Kym Perry, Ken Henry, Gabriella Caon

PestFax, Western Australia
Editors: Peter Mangano & Dusty Severtson

The Beat Sheet, Northern Grains region
Editors: Kate Charleston & Melina Miles


Article from West Coast Sentinel, printed on 21 June 2012

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